and have quite the stamina for all day shopping trips! but, i hate to go everywhere and not find what i need, let alone be dragging my daughter along with me (takes even longer!). so, i decided i’d start a series of posts about the best stores in KW for shopping for things i need.

today was vacuum repair. i heard about this place from a friend at church. it is called Keille-Klean on Lancaster St in Kitchener across from Gulf’s Steak House. there is an older gentleman there who runs the shop, and it looks like his sons/grandsons work for him as well. i was told he always has or can get parts for older vacuums, and i took one in that is probably 25 yrs old. they were very polite when i came in, sending one if the employees out with me to help get the 2nd vacuum (yes, i had two broken vacuums in my house (arrgh!) from the car and carry it in. they also told me i could park right beside the building instead of behind it in the parking lot when i’m dropping off things for repair. very polite, and very kind and helpful! probably the best customer service i’ve had in a long while.

i’ll definitely be referring people there!