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my friend Meghan is having another great giveaway here: http://www.thetuckerstaketennessee.com/2010/05/take-prize-tuesday-vintage-pearl.html for a piece of jewellery from The Vintage Pearl. check it out! 🙂


from Organic Girl. she is still running the giveaway on her blog for a great Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) called the Ergo. it is like a Mei Tai but with buckles instead of tying long pieces of fabric. i keep borrowing friends’ Ergos and really like how much more supportive they are with my heavier toddler. i can also get a SSC much snugg-er (is that a word?) to my body to help distribute the weight of my dd on my body.
check out Organic Girl’s site, giveaway lists, and more!

a great giveaway!

no, not by me, but another great blog. 🙂 Nimli clothing and accessories.

ok, so i suck

i apparantly don’t know how to blog on a regular basis. 😛 well, i don’t know how to do anything on a regular basis anymore. that comes with the inability to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, thanks to my lil’ one. lack of sleep = no memory. also, my babe is very much a mama’s girl right now, only willing to settle for Mama and not Daddy, and wanting to be in our arms whenever possible. i’m trying to keep in mind that i need to cherish the time i have with her, and not begrudge her needs.

that being said, i want to focus my blog right now. i think i would like to make it more of a photo blog, updating what Ruby is doing, and how she is growing, and to share great giveaways!

so, the first giveaway is at: http://kidzborn2impress.blogspot.com/2009/10/mrssmith-diaper-bag-review-and-giveaway.html?showComment=1256530177445#c5031741568882325533
a great blog, filled with reviews of useful and cute (:D) products for us and our babes. please feel free to pass it along!