– shower every 2 days
– wash my face twice daily
– sleep only with my hubby
– wear pretty bras
– sleep through the night
– shop for clothes for me
– go out by myself
– have energy for…anything
– do laundry once a week
– not smell like cheese
– not think about my boobs all the time
– not whip out my boobs in public (can you see a theme starting?? :D)
– go out with just a purse
– be able to clean on a regular basis (not that it happened all the time :(, but had the ability!)
– fall asleep only lying down
– sleep on my stomach all the time

this list sounds very selfish, and it is. i have realized since having my daughter, that i am very naturally a selfish person. it is true, God gives us children to make us grow up, and to show us how He sees us. i am trying to reconcile my love for my daughter with my need for alone time (very important for a mommy – to be able to continue to give to the child 24/7), and to adjust my attitude to one of selflessness. i regularly need to remind myself that God has given me this blessing, and she is a blessing – not just a taker of sleep, energy and milk ;). she is a joy and a beauty and will teach me and grow me greatly.