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back to work

well, about 4 wks ago i headed back to work. boy has it been a tough transition. probably more for me than for my daughter. she is so social and loves being around other babies and around older kids. she cries if she sees me leave, and always points to me when she sees me at pick up time, but i think i’m the one having the harder time.
let me tell you, i never thought getting out the door in the morning would be harder than it already was for a non-morning person like me, but add a baby into the mix, and voila – a more late me! πŸ˜› at least with my hubby carpooling, i have one less person to worry about getting out the door.
and talk about bag lady – i am THE bag lady when i go to work. i have my purse, my work bag (which is either a messenger bag or my rolling bag), my lunch bag, my pump bag, the diaper bag, and anything else i need to run out of the house with. waaay too many bags! πŸ˜›
but, it is getting easier, which is an encouragement. and it turns out that i won’t be working this summer, so i’ve only got till June to survive, then i can enjoy my baby full time again! yay!

i love giveaways

and i love that i have a blog to post giveaways on. LOL. Amy at Mommy Mentor is always doing them – she is so generous! check out her websites and enter to win the awesome MightyBe bag from Ju Ju Be!

you know that awful gap that happens at the back of your pants when they fit great at the front and look good on your butt, but (ha ha) someone can see your underwear??!! well, there’s a product i saw today that helps solve that! it’s called isABelt. it’s special because it doesn’t look bulky under your shirt when you wear it like normal belts, but is as thin as those plastic bra straps you can add to your strapless bra. isn’t that cool!

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from Organic Girl. she is still running the giveaway on her blog for a great Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) called the Ergo. it is like a Mei Tai but with buckles instead of tying long pieces of fabric. i keep borrowing friends’ Ergos and really like how much more supportive they are with my heavier toddler. i can also get a SSC much snugg-er (is that a word?) to my body to help distribute the weight of my dd on my body.
check out Organic Girl’s site, giveaway lists, and more!

and have quite the stamina for all day shopping trips! but, i hate to go everywhere and not find what i need, let alone be dragging my daughter along with me (takes even longer!). so, i decided i’d start a series of posts about the best stores in KW for shopping for things i need.

today was vacuum repair. i heard about this place from a friend at church. it is called Keille-Klean on Lancaster St in Kitchener across from Gulf’s Steak House. there is an older gentleman there who runs the shop, and it looks like his sons/grandsons work for him as well. i was told he always has or can get parts for older vacuums, and i took one in that is probably 25 yrs old. they were very polite when i came in, sending one if the employees out with me to help get the 2nd vacuum (yes, i had two broken vacuums in my house (arrgh!) from the car and carry it in. they also told me i could park right beside the building instead of behind it in the parking lot when i’m dropping off things for repair. very polite, and very kind and helpful! probably the best customer service i’ve had in a long while.

i’ll definitely be referring people there!

i love Organic Girl!

and someday i may win something from her. i seem to be loving giveaway blogs these days, and i’d love to win an Ergo.
check it out!

my daughter has started “sleeping through the night”. it isn’t truly all the way through (aka 12 hours), but it sure isn’t up every 2 hours! HALLELUJAH! thank you Lord that it’s happening now, before i have to go back to work. she’s sleeping at least 6-7 hours in a row, and then anywhere from 3-5 hours in a row after that. this i can deal with. i’ll even continue feeding her onceΒ  a night when i go back to work – it feels like nothing!

speaking of work…i go back February 1st. <sigh> i have very mixed emotions about it all. first of all, i don’t have daycare yet, and that makes it worse, cuz i’m anxious about finding some. i have a couple leads, and several back-up “babysitters”, but nothing firm. i gotta call some people tomorrow.

i’m nervous about having enough energy to work. i’m nervous about finding my nouns again (will they ever come back??!!??) so that i sound intelligent. i’m worried i won’t be able to balance work and home life. i’m scared i won’t be able to do it. i’m scared i’ll miss so many exciting things that R will do. i’m afraid i’ll get sucked into more work than i’ll be able to manage. it’s such a HUGE change. oh yeah – and i’m going to miss my naps LOL. hopefully my sleep debt will get reduced this month. <sigh> i am very conflicted. i never thought i’d say this, but i don’t think i’d mind too much if i had to stay at home with her and not work.

that being said, i am only going back part time. and i’m going to tell her at night, not to do anything exciting at daycare – aka, pull to stand, take her first steps. πŸ˜›

so, if you pray, pls keep me in yours, about work. thanks y’all! ❀

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