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back to work

well, about 4 wks ago i headed back to work. boy has it been a tough transition. probably more for me than for my daughter. she is so social and loves being around other babies and around older kids. she cries if she sees me leave, and always points to me when she sees me at pick up time, but i think i’m the one having the harder time.
let me tell you, i never thought getting out the door in the morning would be harder than it already was for a non-morning person like me, but add a baby into the mix, and voila – a more late me! 😛 at least with my hubby carpooling, i have one less person to worry about getting out the door.
and talk about bag lady – i am THE bag lady when i go to work. i have my purse, my work bag (which is either a messenger bag or my rolling bag), my lunch bag, my pump bag, the diaper bag, and anything else i need to run out of the house with. waaay too many bags! 😛
but, it is getting easier, which is an encouragement. and it turns out that i won’t be working this summer, so i’ve only got till June to survive, then i can enjoy my baby full time again! yay!