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i love giveaways

and i love that i have a blog to post giveaways on. LOL. Amy at Mommy Mentor is always doing them – she is so generous! check out her websites and enter to win the awesome MightyBe bag from Ju Ju Be!


you know that awful gap that happens at the back of your pants when they fit great at the front and look good on your butt, but (ha ha) someone can see your underwear??!! well, there’s a product i saw today that helps solve that! it’s called isABelt. it’s special because it doesn’t look bulky under your shirt when you wear it like normal belts, but is as thin as those plastic bra straps you can add to your strapless bra. isn’t that cool!

Today’s Diva is offering a giveaway for this item. check it out! 🙂

from Organic Girl. she is still running the giveaway on her blog for a great Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) called the Ergo. it is like a Mei Tai but with buckles instead of tying long pieces of fabric. i keep borrowing friends’ Ergos and really like how much more supportive they are with my heavier toddler. i can also get a SSC much snugg-er (is that a word?) to my body to help distribute the weight of my dd on my body.
check out Organic Girl’s site, giveaway lists, and more!