for not posting in so long – I had my baby (as many of you know)! Ruby Audrey Lake was born January 28th, 2009 at 9:35 am by ceaserian section 24 hours after my water broke. She was a surprise, arriving 3 1/2 weeks early (at 36wks, 4 days) with her parents completely unprepared.
I laboured with my wonderful husband and one of my best friends Jordin, who was my amazing Doula. 🙂 I could not have done it without both of you. I love you.

Ruby is doing well, gaining weight steadily (lots of cute baby rolls!) and is a good baby, only crying when she’s hungry, has gas, and is ready to go back to sleep. that being said, mommy & daddy get considerably less sleep than Ruby, but that will hopefully get better! 🙂 Our Family
Our Ruby

will post my birth story at some point…pretty tired and busy with my lil’ one…