so, my ‘what they don’t tell you’ for today…is that your milk may come in early…how early? well i thought maybe mine would come in after 30 weeks. after all, the baby books i’ve been reading didn’t say anything about lactation starting in the 6th and 7th month chapters. well, mine started in the 24th week! 😮

it was rather shocking for me. i felt a tingling, and then felt wet. looked down and there was a wet spot on my shirt! so i flipped up my shirt thinking, maybe it’s just water i spilled, and squeezed my breast and – OH MY GOSH! I have milk….well, it’s just colostrum right now, but it was shocking. 5 minutes later the other boob did the same thing! so, my abundance of friends who are already mothers (for the 2nd and 3rd times) just laughed at my shock and said, yup, it’s a good thing. you won’t have any trouble with your milk coming in…and then one gave me some breast pads to wear…<sigh> so yes…that is one thing “they” didn’t tell me…and now you know. 🙂