So the cold is mostly gone and I’m feeling a lot better than I was.  Just trying to sleep through the night as much as possible now, but mostly unsuccessfully.

What they don’t tell you….for this post is that your ribs may hurt so much (from baby kicking them/ from general stretching of the ribcage) that it will wake you up in the middle of the night and force you to turn over. That is, after you’ve woken up to pee umpteen times as well…<sigh> Other mothers tell me that the hormones running around in our bodies right now that wake us up in the night are preparing us for having a newborn. But what if I want to sleep more now so that I am more prepared for a newborn?? I guess I don’t have a choice…and yes, I know it is worth it in the end (something you’ll probably hear from lots of people about what mamas -to-be have to suffer through…

Merry Christmas everyone! This time next year I will have ~10 month old for their first Christmas…things will definitely change!